After-sales Service Agreement (return, replace or repair)

Within two years, free maintenance and free upgrade the firmware service is provided.

1. Situations below are not applicable for return or replace
1. Any result caused by water inside the product. 
2. Product disassembled will get no after-sales repair. 
3. Damages caused by external forces (like breaking caused by violent tread or drop) 
4. Hardware damages caused by improper operations, for instance the wrong insert of USB. 
5. Appearance flaws caused by proper use are not applicable to be replaced, or to be repaired if it can work normally. 
6. Problems like that some phones cannot install or operate APPs. 
7. Appearance flaws or functional deficiencies caused by frequent drops (repair service is provided within the warranty period; extra fees needed to replace a motherboard or a shell) 
8. Components damages caused by current spikes because of the charger when charging 
9. Unclear situations due to long time of charging (Within 2h each time is recommended) 
10. Bad situations due to long time of being unused (We recommend you get the battery fully charged before you leave it unused, for insufficient power on long time of Standby Mode will do harm to the battery) 
11. The power consumes faster and the battery life gets shorter due to sweat inside the product. 
13. Intended damage of our product is regarded giving up after-sales services 
14. Damages or loss of the product due to force majeure, such as earthquakes or floods, are beyond our duty.


Within the warranty period, you can return or replace a product under the following circumstances  

1. The product you get could not work or it has functional defeats.
2. The product you get has appearance flaws. 
3. We will give you the components that we forget to give you due to carelessness.


You can replace your product free of charge under the following circumstances

1. It could not be normally charged when it is using properly (fail to be charged) 
2. It could not be switched on with proper operations. 
3. The Bluetooth could not be connected with proper operations. 
4. The shell breaks without any improper operations (If the shell broke due to fall, you need to pay extra fees for maintenance)