Shenzhen Coollang have incorporated the latest motion-capture technology and the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, the Baseball P.O.D. enables baseball enthusiacsts or professionals alike to better understand and improve their baseball performance scientifically.



This is a light-weight sensor that attaches to the base of the baseball bat, and when connected with your mobile phone APP (Smart baseball) via bluetooth, you will be able to set goals, read your bat swing data such as swing speed, total swings,maximum swing speed, and average duration.  You can record a video clip and review your swing at that very moment, or display a 3D image animation for your to understand your bat movements.

Go ahead !  Play your game, let Coollang's technology help you to improve your skills!

Three Training Categories
Coollang Smart baseball training modules include :
3D Simulation
On-deck Swing
Swing Simulation
Hit Rate
Swings (without ball)
3D Simulation

3D Swings simulation, real-time motion capture:
swing speed/ time to impact/ swing angle
Swing speed graphs, real-time swing evaluation, detailed comparative data analytics
Professional baseball training modules to help you improve
On-deck Swing
Coollang lets you practise swings without the ball. The first product of its kind

Just open the app and start training

Constant Improvement
Smart Baseball is equipped with top-of-the-line multi-axis motion sensors and Koospur’s proprietary algorithms to help you improve your game

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Tested 0 Times
Free-fall damage resistant
Abrasion resistant silicone case
 Scratch resistant body
Perfect Synchronization
Bluetooth 4.0 One-Click Easy Connect
App supports iOS 8/Android 4.3 and above
Coollang Smart Baseball Sensor Specifications
Operating System Support for Android4.0, iOS4.0 and superior system
Communication Bluetooth4.0 low power consumption communication technology
Dimension Diameter:30mm. Depth:10mm.
Weight Appx. 6(g)
Power Supply Micro-USB
Storage 3,000 strokes
Charging Time 90min
Continuous Use 6 hours
Standby Time more than 1 month
Firmware Update supported