Tennis 1
Introducing the latest member of the Coollang sport sensor family

Harnessing the latest motion-capture technology and the Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, the Tennis P.O.D. enables tennis enthusiasts or professionals alike to better understand and improve their tennis performance scientifically.


This is a light-weight sensor that attaches to the base of the tennis racket, and when connected with your mobile phone APP (Smart Tennis) via bluetooth, you will be able to read your tennis data such as swing speed, calories burned.  It also recognises your type of stroke, tracks your tennis workout chronologically, or even records a video clip and review your stroke at that very moment.

Go ahead !  Play your game, let Coollang's technology help you to improve your skills

Tennis Training 

Coollang’s tennis hardware platform with professional

training algorithms

Swing Power
Swing Speed
Swing Angle

Fronthand/ Backhand Multiple Training Modes

Precise swings monitoring/ intelligent action recognition/ intelligent ball speed prediction

Swing Curvature/Speed/Intensity Real-Time Monitoring





120  Min


Playing Time

Below the average
840   Calories
 Climb up to Equivalent to 30,000 steps at normal pace, jogging
for 13 km or climbing a 958 meters high peak. Excellent Progress
Intelligent Analytics
12  Times
Per Min
Train Hard, Improve Fast.
256  Km
Maximum speed
Smash stronger than 87% of the users.

Record Video
Your data visualization
Real-time video and swings data synchronization
Just fix your phone on a tripod, open the app and start playing
Professional Training Modules
Free training videos and modules to help you improve your game
An excellent combination of hardware and software. Coollang is your efficient private coach.
Excellent performance
Equipped with powerful hardware including bi-directional sensors and two-way triple axis gyroscope
Charging Time
Usage Time
Stand-by Time
Perfect Synchronization
Bluetooth 4.0 One-Click Easy Connect
App supports iOS 8/Android 4.3 and above
Coollang Smart Tennis Sensor Specifications
Dimension Diameter: 30mm. Depth: 10mm
Weight 6g
Communication Bluetooth4.0 low power consumption communication technology
Power Supply Micro-USB
Storage 100,000 shots
Battery Usage 90 minutes charging for 6 hours use
Service Temperature -5°C-50°C
Charging Temperature 0°C-40°C